Hi, my name is Kyle Stevens and I'm the founder and brewer at Charging Hippo Brewing Co.

What is craft-beer? For me, it's about creating something I'm proud to share with friends and community. It's about creativity and experimenting with the array of ingredients and techniques given to us by those brewers before us, and if we're lucky, forging our own unique path to add to the history of what makes the craft-beer community thrive.

The idea of Charging Hippo Brewing Co. was born after being inspired by an entire day of binge-watching Discovery Channel series, "Brewmasters" featuring Dogfish Head Brewery. Being a craft beer fan for years, it never occurred to me that this was something I might be able to do on my own. In 2010, I purchased my first homebrew kit and haven't look back since. Since then my dual career as a musician and performer with nerd-rock band Kirby Krackle has given me access to sampling the best of the country's craft-beer scene while on tour and in-between performing working hard to perfect my recipes with the hope of someday being able to share them with all of you.

We are currently looking for our permanent home in Shoreline, Wa and until then have recently decided to begin putting our beers out into the community to hear from all of you what you like, and what you'd like to see more of from Charging Hippo Brewing Co. We love feedback of all kinds so please let us know! My brewing style is heavily influenced by West Coast hop additions balanced with a strong malt backbone. I love strong, bold flavors that sometimes speak up to earn your attention and experimenting in out-of-the box profiles. My goal is is to approach CHBC like I do my music; keeping it punk in spirit while charging forward with creative and experimental ideas, and most importantly to have fun! 

I hope you enjoyed taking the time to stop by and seeing what Charging Hippo Brewing Co. is all about, and I'm thankful you did. Here's to the journey!