"Dudes, where's the beer?" (October 2015)

That's a question we've been receiving for the past few months, and with that thought it best to let you all know why you haven't seen CHBC on tap since the Spring.

In May of 2015 CHBC capped off a fun, exciting, exhausting, challenging and amazing 1st birthday during Seattle Beer Week with 3 events highlighting the best of what we do and a delicious dinner at Watershed Pub & Kitchen in Seattle. It was a celebration of all that we'd learned in our inaugural year that went by very quickly and was action packed to say the least...then two weeks after that we were told by the facility where we had been brewing our beer that it would no longer be able to accommodate CHBC. 


That said, we tried quickly to find a temporary home to keep CHBC beer out in the market but finding such a quick mend to an unexpected turn of events was much more challenging than expected. 

One month turned into two turned into seven, and our hopeful banner song of "Soon, Soon!" that was growing less and less real meant that we wanted to let you all know what has been going on behind the scene as emails and twitter messages have been increasingly asking, "Dudes, where's the beer?"

We would love to have our beer back on the market yesterday, but to be honest we currently don't know what that looks like at this moment. We are in the process of reaching to various parties in an effort to make that happen, and when we have an answer you will be the first to know!

Thank you to everyone who has reached out during this temporary dry-spell of CHBC beer, and we look forward to having Zombie Jesus, Banshee Wail, Hair Did/Nails Did, Kracklehead IPA and the rest of the gang back in your glass and at your table as soon as we can. 

Cheers, and thank you for your continued support of CHBC!


Kyle Stevens and CHBC

CHBC Seattle Beer Week 2015 Events! 


Seattle Beer Week 2015 Is Almost Here...

So let's celebrate our 1st anniversary in style, huh?

You know that thing where people always say that they can't believe their first anniversary is here already? Well, it's a trip for a reason! Last year during Seattle Beer Week 2014 CHBC made it's debut and now a year later (how is that??) we want to celebrate in style with everyone who's supported us along the way for 3 (count 'em) events during Seattle Beer Week 2015 including our first ever brewers dinner! 

The 411...

Naked City Nano-Night Friday, May 9th (6:00-9:00pm): CHBC returns once again to where it all started...Naked City Brewing's annual "Nano-Night" where the smallest and the scrappiest (that's us!) descend upon North Seattle to offer up their latest yeasty goodness. As with last year, we'll have a keg of Zombie Jesus Imperial Porter 2015 (brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs + oak soaked in bourbon) to share with the thirsty public. 

Bottleworks Tap-Takeover -Tuesday, May 12th (5:00-8:00pm): We loved Bottleworks way before we hit the market, so imagine how fun it's been for us to have CHBC regularly carried by them over the past year! As many of you know, CHBC and the mighty Justice Brewing share a brewing facility, so it only makes sense to have a tap-takeover together for SBW 2015! We'll be taking Bottleworks over with Banshee Wail Imperial Scotch, Zombie Jesus Imperial Porter, and our brand-new Kingdom Of Cascadia CDA (and whatever Nate from Justice has up his sleeve!). We'll also be bringing a one-off sour beer consisting of 1/2 Zombie Jesus, and 1/2 Justice Goliath Stout soured over the past year from our very first beer batch. This one will be special...and once it's gone it's gone! The B-Works boys have a little more space since a cooler went kaput...so maybe I'll need to play a few jams while I'm there.

Watershed / CHBC Brewer's Dinner - Wednesday, May 13th (6:00-9:00pm): We're crazy excited to have our first ever brewers dinner taking place at Watershed Pub & Kitchen in North Seattle! Ben and Kelsey have been huge CHBC supporters since day one, so we were honored when they wanted to include us in their first SBW as well. This is the big one...5 courses, 5 beers (Banshee Wail Imperial Scotch, Zombie Jesus Imperial Porter, Kracklehead Imperial Pale"Did I Brew That?" Urkel Imperial Amber, and our brand-new Kingdom Of Cascadia CDA), and 5 (plus a few) songs paired with each beer. I have it on good authority this format hasn't been done before, so let's break some ground! Watershed is very well known for their pizza, but from what I know about them they'll be brining their foodie A-game that night so expect some awesome pairings to the CHBC beers you know and love. To reserve a spot for this very limited seating event please call Watershed to confirm. $50 each attendee includes food and beer parings.

Oof, that's a lot going on for a first anniversary! Thank you to everyone who follows CHBC and continues to support what we do. We're small, but we're feisty! And because we care about you, remember to get a ride to SBW 2015 events or an amazingly awesome friend to drive you (the one that you helped bury a body? Yeah, that one). 

Cheers and have a great SBW 2015!

Kyle Stevens
Brewmaster / Founder 
Charging Hippo Brewing Co.

Debuting Kracklehead Imperial Pale Ale In Collaboration With Seattle Nerd-Rock Band Kirby Krackle.

March 17th, 2015

Debuting Kracklehead Imperial Pale Ale March 17th!

In collaboration with Seattle "nerd-rock" band Kirby Krackle.

Sooo...it's time we told you something. When CHBC founder Kyle Stevens isn't concocting new recipes or burning himself on the mash-tun, he spends his time rocking around the world with his "nerd-rock" band Kirby Krackle. What happened when he decided to combine his two loves into a craft-beer/nerd-rock yeasty Voltron? 

Let's let famed Seattle local craft-beer blogger Kendall Jones learn you in this transcript from his article released last Friday...

"Kyle Stevens is a man of multiple talents and interests. Most notably, craft beer and music. Not only is he the man behind Charging Hippo Brewing, he is also the man behind Kirby Krackle, the world’s premier Nerd-Rock band. What’s that, you might be asking? Kirby Krackle produces and performs songs about comic books, video games, and all things geeky. You know, Nerd Rock.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that Kirby Krackle founded the genre back in 2009. For six years the band has toured the country playing primarily at Comic Con events. They’ve written music for Marvel and Disney, and even toured with Weird Al Yankovic in 2013. They are Nerd Rock gods! 

But like I said, Kyle also makes beer. Next Tuesday, Kyle’s quirky worlds collide when Charging Hippo releases a beer to accompany the debut of Kirby Krackle’s fifth album, MUTATE, BABY!

On Tuesday, March 17, at four venues around the Greater Seattle area, Charging Hippo Brewing releases Kracklehead Imperial Pale Ale—brewed with Magnum, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin hops, clocking in at 8.5 percent ABV. Die hard fans of Kirby Krackle… Krackleheads.

Charging Hippo and Kirby Krackle are partnering with Watershed Pub and Kitchen (Seattle), The Hop And Hound (Bothell), 99 Bottles (Federal Way), and Brouwers (Seattle) to tap the beer on the same day the album is released. There are only four kegs of Kracklehead Ale being released. Each venue will also have 20 copies of MUTATE, BABY! available for the first 20 who order a pint."

How fun is that? We're proud here at CHBC of our first collaboration and we hope you enjoy this very limited offering on draft in Seattle for what is safe to say for one day on Tuesday, March 17th!

Want to learn more about Kirby Krackle and "nerd-rock"? 

OFFICIAL WEBSITEwww.kirbykracklemusic.com
KIRBY KRACKLE FAN CLUB ON PATREON: www.patreon.com/kirbykrackle

Cheers and celebrate craft-beer!


James Frango Imperial Porter Brewed w/ Chocolate & Orange Peel.

December 16th, 2014

Sitting around the brewery trying to make each other laugh is almost the best part of brewing so when it was time to come up with a name for our chocolate and orange peel infused Imperial Porter...it was on big time. 

Welcome "James Frango" our non-winter ale winter ale seasonal offering from CHBC and designed by a big weirdo (me) still remembering the excitement fromFrederick & Nelson's chocolate winter magic. Let this one warm up in your hand a little and see it become more aromatic by the minute as it's nose opens to orange peel and chocolate. 

Also, Garbage Pail Kids Rule. Thanks to Matt Brazee for the awesome art!

Happy Holidays from CHBC to you and yours!


Debuting "Swandog + BoneBat" Imperial IPA!

October 31st, 2014

When we at Charging Hippo Brewing Co. aren't brewing delicious and indulgent beers for craft-beer fans, we're really into dabbling in genetic splicing. 

You know, NERD STUFF. 

So when it was time to make a new beer, we naturally went back to our old teenage journals during a time when we experimented in our parents garage in Seattle. Right away we were reminded of our first experiment during Halloween '84 by birthing into the world the cuddly but elusive "Swandog", and the whimsical yet hysterical "Bonebat". Let's just say Noah didn't see this coming.

Before we even had a chance to light the bunsen burners all these years later, we received a call from Steve from Seattle's BoneBat podcast asking if we could brew a beer in their honor of their CINEMA BLOODBATH event at Central Cinema (10/31-11/5), as well as that afternoon receiving a bag of rare "Swandog" hops grown on private property in Port Angeles, Wa. 

Could there ever have been a bigger coincidence in all of history? Are we just hard up for a good story behind this beer? As we are but bugs on this big rock spinning through the cosmos, anything is possible... 

Please enjoy "Swandog + BoneBat" Imperial IPA brewed in tribute to our childhood experiment gone awry that ended up, as we believe in the end, just right. 


Drink on, mang!



"Starlord's Mixtape" and "Groot Drank" Imperial Red Ales Celebrate Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

July 17th, 2014

This just in - Beer Geeks are often Comic Geeks as well...

It's true! Attention to detail, distracted by pretty colors, running around the brewhouse with Wolverine claws, wait...

Here at CHBC we're so excited about the new Marvel summer adventure, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY that we brewed not one but two Imperial Red Ales for you to enjoy. Both "Starlord's Mixtape" and "Groot Drank" were brewed with the same recipe but fermented with different yeasts. Both hoppy, and we think both delicious! 

Only three kegs were distributed of each this week to the following finer craft-beer establishments so make sure you call before heading out so it's on/not all gone!

Groot Drank (English Yeast) - 99 Bottles, The Hop And The Hound, and soon to be delivered next week to Elliot Bay Pizza! 

Starlord's Mixtape - Brouwers (on now!) and Watershed Pub & Kitchen

Thank you as always for all the support and we're excited to hear what you think of our new offerings!



CHBC Pouring At Washington State Brewers Fest.

June 11th, 2014

We're excited to have CHBC pouring at Washington State Brewers Fest this weekend at the Justice Brewing booth! 

We'll have "Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter as well as the debut of our new "Banshee Wail" Imperial Scotch Ale (9.5%). Our beers will be on tap all weekend, and we'll be there to meet all you awesome people on Saturday so please come say hi!

CHBC On Untappd.

May 13th 2014

You can know find us on @untappd where you can follow, check-in to beers, and let us know what you think! 

CHBC Debuts And Seattle Beer Week Is Here!

May 9th, 2014

Seattle Beer Week is here and we're very excited to be able to finally share our beers with you!

CHBC "Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter (brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs) debuts at Naked City Brewing on Greenwood tomorrowMay 9th, during their annual "Nano-Night" event and we're honored to be on tap with all the best of Seattle's small-batch breweries. The event goes from 6:00-9:00pm featuring Naked City's brand-new menu. If you haven't been to Naked City, you're in for a treat! 

We're also delivering kegs this weekend to the following bars to be served later in the weekend / week of Seattle Beer Week. If you're wanting to make sure CHBC is tap when you visit, we recommend you calling ahead of time just to be safe! 

"Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter to be available at the following locations:

Watershed Pub & Kitchen (Northgate)
99 Bottles (Federal Way)
Nobel Fir (Ballard)
Beer Junction (West Seattle) 
Elliot Bay Pizza (Mill Creek)

The response and support we've received so far has been very exciting, and we're thankful for all the positivity sent our way. We're staring small, but The Hippo has attitude and we're looking forward to growing together and meeting all of you soon!


Kyle Stevens


Appearing At Naked City Brewing Nano-Night May 9th.

April 28th, 2014

We're very excited to announce that the very first keg of Charing Hippo will debut on May 9th at Naked City Brewing as part their "nano-night" event during Seattle Beer Week. We've been fans of Naked City for years, so you can imagine how honored we are to be on tap with "Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter (brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs & aged on oak and bourbon). 

The event runs from 6:00-9:00pm and we'll be joined by all the best of Seattle's small-batch breweries. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Charging Hippo Featured In The Washington Beer Blog.

April 18th, 2014

We've been big fans of the Washington Beer Blog for a few years now, so imagine how cool it felt to find out we were featured as we were brewing our inaugural retail-bound batch? 

Answer? The Coolest!

You can read the piece here.


First Day Of Official Brewing..."Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter.

April 17th, 2014

It's an exciting day for Charging Hippo as today we'll be brewing our first beer to be available for the Seattle market in May!

In honor of Easter..."Zombie Jesus" Imperial Porter brewed with Cadbury Creme Eggs and Peeps.

Yeah, mama.


Debuting Our New Logo.

April 16th, 2014

Were excited to share our brand-new logo created for us by the team at Bullseye Creative in Seattle. Thanks guys, we love it!